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Extra Joss Grape
Extra Joss Grape
Extra Joss Grape

Extra Joss Grape

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Limited Edition:
Extra Joss Grape

Try the new Extra Joss Grape flavour - enjoy the rich taste of grapes and blackberries!

A sweet purple kick with the familiar product benefits:

The 'Active' components and 7 B Vitamins work together to boost your energy like crazy.

Extra Joss Grape is has a sweet taste and is not sour. If you're looking for that sweet & sour kick, stick to original Extra Joss Active.

Get through the day without getting tired and increase your response time. Get through the night and find your Purple Rain.

It's burning in your pocket: surprise your friends with a new Joss flavour!

Extra Joss Grape is perfect for a crazy night out or any sports activity! 

This edition is so limited that scientists aren't even sure it actually exists.

Forget wine. Drink your grapes like a grown up. And give your friends an Extra Joss gift card.


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