60 pieces Extra Joss

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Private stash Extra Joss. Don’t be greedy, share the love. I know you’ll order right away.

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Yes yes yes boys and girls! 60 pieces of Extra Joss magic, delivered to your home!

Extra Joss energy powder, sugar free & zero calories. Feel like dynamite with this power cocktail. Metabolism boost, self-confidence boost, stamina boost, everything boost.

Want some Extra Joss for party, festival or holiday?

Got some Joss in my pocket and we’ll stay until its yesterday tomorrow.

Additional information

Weight 0.276 kg
Weight per sachet

One Extra Joss sachet weights 4.6 grams.

Sachets per pack

One pack contains 6 sachets. Ordering 60 sachets gives you 10 packs of Extra Joss.