120 pieces Extra Joss

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SALE!! Get those Joss Shots for maximum energy all night! Order Extra Joss now!

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That’s right: 120 pieces of Extra Joss with 25% discount! No less than 120 sachets energy drink powder!

Extra Joss instant energy drink is sugar free and has no calories. The energy boosting ingredients create a true power cocktail. This speeds up your metabolism, stimulates self-confidence, increases strength and endurance, and prevents fatigue.

Order Extra Joss for parties, holidays and carnival!

A massive stack fits in your pocket. Need some energy? Hit a Joss and rock on for hours!

Additional information

Weight 0.552 kg
Weight per sachet

One Extra Joss sachet weights 4.6 grams.

Sachets per pack

One pack contains 6 sachets. Ordering 120 sachets gives you 20 packs of Extra Joss.