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Extra Joss Mango
Extra Joss Mango
Extra Joss Mango

Extra Joss Mango

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Limited Edition:
Extra Joss Mango

OMFG here's the new Extra Joss Mango flavour - sweet orange delight!

New mango flavour, but Jossalicous all the way:

Seven B Vitamins, Ginseng and Royal Jelly. So much energy in one sachet, no wonder Elon adds it to his rocket fuel!

Extra Joss Mango has a sweet flavour. For the big players that live for the acidity kick, our original Extra Joss Active gives you the pineapples you're craving.

Energy day and night. Liberty without a fight. Save the princess like a knight.

Extra Joss Mango is your wingman for sweet & fruity adventures.

Scientists have finally discovered a way to put 6 mangos in your pocket: one box of Extra Joss Mango.

Be like science.

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