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Team Joss: Friends With Benefits

GIVE 20% GET 20%

We don't do TV ads. We give that money to our fans ✊


  • Your friends get: 20% discount on their orders

  • You get: 20% of what your friends order


How does it work?

  1. Sign up for Team Joss 🙏 (or login here)
  2. Send your personal discount link to friends, family and colleagues 🤝 Just use the buttons to share on WhatsApp and social media, or copy the link.
  3. Your friends get 20% discount on their Extra Joss order at checkout 🙌
  4. You earn 20% of every order your friends make! 💪 (plus 1,000 karma points to be spent as you see fit)

Influencer? You can join our affiliate program to earn 10% cash commission. Sign up for Team Joss and send an email to thomas@extrajoss.eu to request a switch to the affiliate group.


  • Your buddy Jamie throws a party and obviously needs a big pile of Extra Joss
  • It costs €75 in the webshop. 20% discount is €15, so thanks to your code it's only €60
  • 20% of €60 = €12 - that's your discount when you make your next purchase!

Don't forget: if 10 friends enrich their lives with Extra Joss, you earn 10 times the discount value.

Nice! But why are you doing this?


A) The money stays in the family. We love our fans, not the owners of some TV station. Win-Win-Win.
B) We only reach the cool kids. Any other marketing effort will also target boring people who hate fun, sports, parties, sex, etc. That's not you.
C) Marketing is scary for a growing company like us. This way, we know exactly what we're investing and what we can expect in return.

And of course, because in secret everyone wants friends with benefits 😉

Sign up for Team Joss or login here!